Fiber Star, Octagonal

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•    All parts of our patented fiber umbrella, are being manufactured at our factory.
•    Fabric of our fiber umbrella can be washed at 25 C degrees as our other fabrics.
•    Our umbrellas last many long years by washing and storing the fabric at the end of each season, and re-installing at the beginning of each season.
•    All umbrella parts (screws, nuts, bolts, etc.) and fittings are coated with stainless zinc-nickel.
•    Eight (8) each, ø9mm diameter Fiber long rod made of hardened plastic material-96cm in length.
•    Eight (8) each, ø9mm diameter Fiber short rod made of hardened plastic material-46cm in length.
•    Ø32x2.5mm, 200 cm long aluminum, electrostatic painted, white middle pole.
•    3.70mm, galvanized spring steel string support inside the long and short rods.
•    All bearings and braces are made of Petkim guaranteed plastic.
•    Ø2, 00 MT diameter.
•    Middle hub moves up and forward then locks to open.
•    Canvas is local fabric which made of cotton or polyester.
•    Base stand is plastic on the outside and concrete on the inside, weights 28 kg.
•    Base stand is 16 cm high, 20 cm high from the ground.
•    Four (4) plastic wheels for movement.
•    Two (2) each handles at both sides of the base stand.


Consists of Ø30x2 mm aluminum middle pole. All bearings and braces are made of Petkim guaranteed plastic material. Air circulation has been provided by fiber air openings on canvas.


Base stand is produced of high dense Petkim products, in high pressure and heat. Rusting is completely avoided by using plastic material. In order to protect the umbrella falling from wind and mild storms, the base is filled with concrete and weighed 28 kg. Umbrella can be moved in any required direction on its four (4) wheels. It can be stored on end with its sockets on top.


It easily opens and closes by pressing on the spring mechanism located on the middle pole and moving the mechanism up forward.