Mega Star, Square

Canvas Options

Special Color Options (for orders more than 50 each)

Aluminum Color Options


•    Extra support with a second steel pole inside the main pole.
•    Avoids falling from wind with base weight of 70 kg.
•    Opens easily with rope system.
•    Options of concrete grouted steel base or concrete grouted plastic base.
•    Four (4) plastic wheels for movement.
•    Two (2) each handles at both sides of the base stand.
•    Can be stored on end with its sockets in the bottom.
•    Air circulation via single or double opening.
•    Optional, height adjustable coffee table and ash tray.
•    2 years spare part guarantee, and technical service.
•    Protective sleeve, delivery and installation on the location.


A unique product with its carefully calculated, mobile base stand to avoid falling, and extra support pole inside the main pole is specially designed for windy areas, beaches and cafes.


Mega Star Square Umbrella has eight (8) each oven dry painted bars in sizes 30x18x2.2 mm and an aluminum pole. A 46 x 3 mm plastic pole is installed inside the aluminum pole for extra support. Air circulation is being provided with eight (8) or 16 openings on canvas. Standard cotton canvas, polyester or jute canvas can be ordered for shading.


•    Frame is electrostatic powder painted aluminum frame.
•    All screws, bolts and fitting parts which connect aluminum and plastic pieces of frame, are stainless zinc-nickel coated.
•    All plastic materials that have been used on umbrella’s body, are Petkim products and do not contain any carcinogenic.
•    Canvas bearing long and short rods on body are 30x18mm in length and 1.5mm in thickness.
•     The middle pole, which immobilizes the umbrella, has Ø50 mm diameter and 1.5 mm thickness.
•    For extra support and resistance against rusting,  Ø46 mm diameter and 2.5 mm thick second pole has been installed inside the main pole.
•    Mega umbrella opens by a rope and roller system. 6mm thick sheet rope is being used for the system.
•    Umbrella’s diameter, when open, is 2.50 mt. or 3,00 mt. Umbrella is 2.20 m or 2.40 mt. high from the ground.


•    Canvas is local cotton fabric in cream color.


•    Base stands are concrete grouted, plastic on the outside and weights 67 kg. There are four (4) wheels connected to base with steel bolts for easy movement.
•    Mega Star umbrella base anchor is made of 1 ¼  steel bar, and stainless with hot dip galvanized coating.


•    A plastic hanger made of high dense polypropylene material is installed for hanging towels, bags, cameras, etc.
•    A multi-functional plastic shelf-table and an ash tray (trash can), made of high dense polypropylene material, are installed on the middle pole. They can be moved up and down and fastened at a desired height. Shelf-table has Ø 52 cm diameter, and ash tray (trash can) has Ø 16 cm diameters and 9 cm deep.