Mega Sunflower 3m Square

Canvas Options

Special Color Options (for orders more than 50 each)

Aluminum Color Options


•    Frame is electrostatic powder painted aluminum frame.
•    All screws, bolts and fitting parts which connect aluminum and plastic pieces of frame, are stainless zinc-nickel coated.
•    All plastic materials that have been used on umbrella’s body, are Petkim products and do not contain any carcinogenic.
•    Canvas bearing long and short rods on body are 30 x 18 mm in length and 1.5 mm in thickness.
•     The middle pole, which immobilizes the umbrella, has Ø50 mm diameter and 1.5 mm thickness.
•    For extra support and resistance against rusting,  Ø46 mm diameter and 2.5 mm thick second plastic pole has been installed inside the main pole.
•    Mega umbrella opens by a rope and roller system. 6mm thick sheet rope is being used for the system.
•    Umbrella’s diameter, when open, is 2.50 mt. or 3,00 mt. Umbrella is 2.20 m or 2.40 mt. high from the ground.


•    Canvas is local cotton fabric in cream color.


•    Base stands are concrete grouted, plastic on the outside and weights 67 kg. There are four (4) wheels connected to base with steel bolts for easy movement.
•    Mega Star umbrella base anchor is made of 1 ¼ steel bar, and stainless with hot dip galvanized coating.